Away Experiences at UHM

Away Experiences was our second event for Spring 2019. We brought in a panel of students to represent the different “away” learning opportunities available to UHM students.

National Student Exchange (NSE) was represented by Noemi, the NSE Program Assistant. While many students think of study abroad as an international venture, NSE offers student the opportunity to exchange within the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, Cansda, and U.S. Virgin Islands. NSE can be a great option for students who want to see different part of the country without the commitment of a full degree program. Many students have used NSE as a way to visit and go to school with friends who are students at the destination university. Through the NSE program, students are eligible for financial aid and can choose to pay UHM tuition or host campus tuition. Students who are at least a sophomore standing are eligible for the program.

Visit the NSE site for more information.


Next, we heard from Connie Wong about her experience abroad in South Korea through the Mānoa International Exchange (MIX). Connie decided to study abroad with a few friends and because they all wanted to see Asia in general, they decided on South Korea. As a 3rd year business student, Connie liked the freedom of choosing her schedule and courses so she could have time to explore and travel to neighboring countries. In order to fit her budget, Connie chose her own living accommodations. Additionally, Connie received a few scholarships to make the trip to South Korea possible. One of the great things about MIX is the ability to pick and choose what works for you and your budget.

Visit the MIX site for more information.


Erin Kushimaeyjo shared her away experience to London through the Study Abroad program. Erin loved the new found independence she gained from Study Abroad. Erin is an English major at UHM and thought London would be a great environment to learn abroad. In contrast to MIX, Erin was drawn to the Study Abroad’s program for ease of planning and settling in. Safety was a concern for Erin and her family before she went abroad, but she encouraged students to not let that stop them from traveling. Erin also received scholarships to aid with study abroad expenses.

Visit the Study Abroad site for more information.