When you make a change to an existing scheduled section, always indicate the Course Reference Number (CRN) for the section (not just the subject and course number) . The CRN is a unique identifier for the course section offered in a specific term, and allows us to find the exact section quickly and accurately.

An SOC-1 Form is required for:

Day/Time changes
Setting a fixed number of credits for a section with a range (i.e, from 1-3 to 3)
Adding a new section (except for dissertation/thesis/*99)
Deleting a section. Even if no students are registered, submit an SOC-1 Form to delete a section.
Creating/deleting a crosslist code/group
Instructor changes/additions (unless an emergency)
Restriction/approval changes/additions (department, major, instructor, etc)

An SOC-1 Form is not needed (email is sufficient) for:

Seat max changes (Section or Group max)  or Waitlist max changes
Room change (general use or department-owned classrooms)
Adding a dissertation or thesis section, or directed research course (-00 or -99 numbered courses)
Adding section comments to an existing section that already has a CRN
Focus designations. Any requests for a focus designation will be sent to GenEd@hawaii.edu for review
Changing a class to printing/non printing
Special cases, if immediate action is needed…e.g., Instructor on medical leave; the department needs to access student grades/records. We can add a secondary instructor with email request