In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, UH Manoa has revised class delivery formats. Please continue to review your schedule through STAR, and check your email for updates. 

Course Formats

  • Fully in person: Students attend every class session in person.
    • The day/time and location are listed
    • For a few in person courses, the day/time and location may be listed as “TBA,” such as for practicum, internship, or capstone courses.
  • Online asynchronous: Conducted entirely online, with no scheduled day/time for class participation.
    • Building/room is “ONLINE ASYNC”  (effective with Spring 2022 schedules)
    • Day/time is “TBA TBA”
  • Online synchronous: Conducted entirely online, with students required to participate in scheduled class sessions at the day/time indicated.
    • Building/room is “ONLINE”
    • Day/time is listed
  • Hybrid: Course will require at least one in-person class meeting during the semester, with the rest of the material delivered online.
    • At least one meeting line has the location “ONLINE” and another lists a physical location

If you wish to change your schedule to include only fully online classes, you can search for online courses in STAR by:

  • Checking the box next to the “FONL” course attribute and searching (effective with Spring 2022 schedules)
  • OR
  • Selecting “Instruc Type: Distance-Completely Online” and searching
  • Check to make sure that the only room listed for your courses is “ONLINE” or “ONLINE ASYNC”