Pre-Dental Timeline

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**See Notes on the bottom of the page! But due to COVID-19, some, if not, most dental schools would be flexible during the application cycle! 

Freshman Year

  • General Chemistry 1 & 2 + Lab

UH Manoa: CHEM 161 & 162 or equivalent

  • Biology 1 & 2 (possibly second semester) + Lab

UH Manoa: BIOL 171 & 172 or equivalent

  • Pre-calculus and Calculus

UH Manoa: MATH 140 & 241/215

  • Join your school’s pre-dental association
  • Shadow a general dentist or specialist

Sophomore Year

  • Biology 1 & 2 + Lab

UH Manoa: BIOL 171 & 172 or equivalent

  • Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 + Lab

UH Manoa: CHEM 272 & 273 or equivalent

  • English (at least one semester)

UH Manoa: ENG 100 or higher

  • Possibly an anatomy and physiology class (PHYL 141 & 142 or higher)
  • If taking the DAT during sophomore year:
  • Participate in test preparation class or self-studyduring the spring of your sophomore year
  • Schedule the test near the end of the year when required classes (chemistry, biology and organic chemistry) are fresh on your mind
  • Visit testing center to get an idea of the environment you will be tested in
  • Shadow a general dentist or specialist

Junior Year

  • Physics (not on DAT but required for dental school) + Lab

UH Manoa: PHYS 151 & 152, or PHYS 170/272

  • If you are interested in any specific schools, check their individual requirements
  • Other upper level biology/science electives
  • Make an appointment with your pre-health advisor to ensure you are on track

UH Manoa: Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising Center or Pre-Dental Advisor

  • Write personal statement and have it revised by mentors
  • Take the DAT
  • Start asking professors/dentists you’ve shadowed to write letters of evaluation
  • Fill out AADSAS application online at
  • Apply to dental school early. The AADSAS application will open on May 14th, but the official submission is on June 4th . The sooner you complete the application, the better your chances of being seriously considered for interviews

Senior Year

  • Complete major classes and dental school requirements if you have not already. Continuing to take upper level science courses will look favorably and may better prepare you for your first year of dental school
  • Some schools also look favorably on business and psychology classes. Others may require them as prerequisite courses
  • Complete dental school applications (and supplemental applications)
  • Prepare for interviews



Some dental schools require students to volunteer. If you want to gain experiences and add your volunteer hours to your application, volunteer at the Aloha Medical Mission (which is a free dental clinic located at Palama Settlement), join our club, and/or check us on our social media for any upcoming volunteering opportunities!

Letters of Recommendation:

All dental schools require them. For your professors and dentists/specialists to write a strong, high quality letter of recommendation, visit their office hours. When receiving a letter of recommendation from your professors, make yourself known to them in-person. Attending class, emailing, and earning a high grade is not sufficient. It’s also important to know your professors very well (and ask questions) because:

  • They may have conditions for students to earn them.
  • Have too many students asking them for a letter of recommendation which may delay completion.
  • Some don’t write letters of recommendations at all!
  • Other reasons

To ensure that you have your letter of recommendations ready, interact with your professors & dentists/specialists (the longer you get to know them, the better) and ask early to avoid delays!

Visit “Nancy Koven’s Letters of Recommendation Policy” for more details:,least%20one%20class%20with%20me.&text=You%20should%20have%20earned%20a,(acceptable)%20in%20my%20classes.

Community College Credits & Online Classes:

Unfortunately, almost all dental schools don’t accept community college credits and online classes. Make sure to check each dental school requirements.


Mail in a minimum of 5 copies of your transcripts to ensure that at least one of them makes it in time. Sending one copy of your transcripts will not guarantee their arrival and may be lost in the mail.

UPDATE: ADEA AADSAS is now accepting online transcripts!


UPDATE: The dental school application will allow you to transfer your save data into your new application so that you do not have to re-do from scratch!

DAT Partial Fee Waivers & ADEA AADSAS FAP (Free Assistance Program):

If you are a low-income student, please apply early to acquire both limited independent waivers! First come, first serve!

  • DAT Fee Waiver:

Available every December.

Note:  Not all granted partial fee waivers were used by candidates. When that happens, they will select others that apply and retroactively approve their DAT Partial Waiver Request.

  • ADEA AADSAS FAP (Free Assistance Program)


(Copy both parts of the link separately and combine them in the search box)

Note: If the FAP does not notify if you were denied or rewarded on or after the day when the submission button activates in ADEA AADSAS, please send them an email. If there is a discrepancy, please email them and explain why for them to overturn their decision despite their claim that all decisions are final.

Available: Beginning @ the start of the cycle