Are You a Pre-Major Student?

The pre-major category exists because students cannot declare these majors until they meet the admission requirements of the specific college or school to which you are applying . A pre-major is not a major, declaring a pre-major only indicates interest in pursuing that major.

If you have not been fully admitted to a college or school within UHM and have not decided about your major, you are considered an exploratory student. Go to the exploratory students page.

Visit the Manoa Advising Center at for more information.

LAC Offers Tutoring and Workshops

Learning Assistance Center (LAC) offers free tutoring until May 14, 2015. Supplemental Instruction  helps students learn how to succeed in traditionally difficult courses and are available until May 6, 2015. Visit more information.

Located in the Student Success Center in Sinclair Library, you could inquire at the reception desk, and their office is located in the Mezzanine 1, above the Wong Computer Lab.

The hours of operation are M-F 9:00 am  4:30 pm. Saturday, Sunday, and after hours by appointment.

Contact learning@hawaii.ed, phone (808) 956-6114, or visit


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