Unit Documents

Below you will find references that pertain to NROTC and templates of documents that you may use throughout your time in the unit.

In order to use any form, you must DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR COMPUTER and then fill it out.

If you are unable to locate a required document, contact your class advisor.

Battalion Regulations and Instructions

NROTCUHINST 1533.2A - Battalion Regulations (Updated 26 March 2024 - view only).

-See Enclosure Library page for editable documents.


NROTCUHINST 1533.8 - Staff and Student Standards of Conduct.

New Join Documents

All Students:

NROTC Program Requirements Checklist.

Counseling Information Sheet.

NSTC 1533/115 Academic Term Performance.

4-Year Plan Template and Instructions.

Naval Science Required Course List.

NROTC Program Cost Sheet.

Navy Option Initial Counseling.

Marine Option Initial Counseling.

Marine Options Only (in addition to other required documents):

CMC White Letter 2-17 Social Media Guidance.

USMC Hold Harmless Agreement.

College Programmers (Those in the program looking to obtain an NROTC scholarship):

College Program Application

Medial History Form

NROTC Drug and Alcohol Statement

Sideload Scholarship Documents

NSTC 1533-101 (11-19) - NROTC Drug Statement

NSTC 1533-102 (11-19) - Debarment Statement

NSTC 1533-112 (11-19) - Certificates and Statements SOU


Other Documents and Forms

NROTC Midterm Counseling Letter.

NAVPERS 1336/3 - Use for special requests such as leave/liberty.

NAVMC 11905 - Blended Retirement System Continuation Pay SOU (active duty only).

Helpful References

Regulations for Officer Development (ROD)

Appendix K - MECEP Guidance.

Appendix N - STA 21 Requirements.

*Full list of appendices can be found on the NSTC Website.

NAVPERS 15665J - Navy Uniform Regulations.

MCO 1020.34H - Marine Corps Uniform Regulations.