The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) is a scholarship program that provides full tuition, stipends, summer training cruises and more so that you can enjoy a traditional college experience while preparing to serve as a Naval Officer.

NROTC Requirements and Scholarships.

There are numerous scholarship opportunities offered to those well qualified high school and college students that wish to purse a career in the Navy or Marine Corps. As aspiring Naval Officers, those interested in the NROTC must meet  strict requirements as set forth by Naval Service Training Command (NSTC). For the most current NROTC and scholarship requirements, see NROTC Requirements.

Career Paths:

When entering the Navy ROTC program, you can choose from one of three career tracks:

Navy Option: Leads to post-graduate commissioning as a Navy Ensign in one of the Navy’s warfare communities, i.e. surface, submarine, aviation, special warfare and more. See more info on serving as a Navy Option officer.

Nurse Option: Leads to post-graduate commissioning in the US Navy as an Ensign in the Navy Nursing Corps, part of the Department of the Navy Bureau of Medicine. See more info on serving in the Navy Nursing Corps.

Marine Corps Option: Leads to post-graduate commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. See more info about Becoming a Marine Officer and Marine scholarship opportunities.


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