Weekly Commitments

Example Calendar of NROTC Requirements

*** Scholarship students generally take 1 Naval Science course per semester. However, academic requirements vary by program; refer to Table 3-2 of the Regulations for Officer Development (ROD) for details.

Physical Training (PT):

Every Monday and Wednesday from 0600 to 0730, the midshipmen and staff muster for morning PT. Our morning PTs consist of a variety of training including sessions of calisthenics, running, strength training, and swimming.

All midshipmen are expected to maintain high levels of physical fitness. As such, for any midshipmen with unsatisfactory PT test scores, mandatory remedial PT sessions are held on Friday mornings as well.

On a few occasions throughout the semester, the Koa O Ke Kai Battalion also utilizes Friday mornings for battalion-wide sports PT such as kickball, football, or frisbee.


Leadership Lab:

Tuesday mornings from 0700 to 0800, midshipmen gather for instruction and practical application in numerous military topics such as leadership, close order drill, and naval traditions.

By utilizing our proximity to nearby military bases, our Leadership Labs often feature senior Navy and Marine Corps leaders as guest speakers and instructors - able to impart their years of experience and extensive knowledge upon our midshipmen.


Marine Lab:

For all Marine option midshipmen, Tuesday mornings are used to prepare for service as Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. With instruction in topics such as operational orders, land navigation, and weapons familiarization, we strive to prepare our Marine option midshipmen for success at Officer Candidate School (OCS) and The Basic School (TBS).

Multiple times a semester, Marine Lab also utilizes the neighboring Marine Corps bases to offer unique training opportunities such as running the Marine Corps obstacle course or conducting land navigation - instilling real-life experience and the skills necessary to succeed.

MIDN Lighthouse Run
Leadership Lab
Rope Climb Sil