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Step ONE: Attend an orientation. It is a group information session for prospective students about the overall application process, the proposal writing process, graduation requirements, as well as the significance and importance of an interdisciplinary degree in your area of interest. You can schedule to attend an orientation by calling the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at 956-7297. Our office is located in Hawaii Hall 110 on 2500 Campus Road.  (campus map)

Step TWO: After attending an orientation, make an appointment with  an Interdisciplinary Studies advisor to work on your proposal and to review your progress towards graduation. On the average, you will need four to six meetings to develop an acceptable proposal.

Step THREE: With the help of your Interdisciplinary Studies advisor, locate an external faculty advisor in your area of specialization and meet with him or her as needed. Carefully observe our guidelines on how to contact an external faculty member!

Deadline for submitting a complete, signed proposal: All acceptable, signed proposals must be submitted no later than 21 credits before your planned date of graduation. Please observe that the 21 credits yet to be taken do not include any current courses!

Submit the original and one copy of the final draft proposal. Please make sure that your proposal is complete and properly formatted and included your and your external faculty advisor’s signature. Also complete the so-called Declaration of Major form at this time.

Step FOUR: Proposal to be reviewed by Interdisciplinary Studies staff member

Step FIVE: Internal review by Interdisciplinary Studies staff

Step SIX: Acceptance with or without revision(s) or rejection