Honors 101 : Intro to Research at Mānoa (various course delivery modes)

Focus: WI (Writing Intensive)

Highly recommended for first year Honors students

Honors students have the opportunity in Honors 101 to engage early and meaningfully with one another and the research pathway, and to start acquiring and practicing the tools and techniques needed to delve deeply into an issue or area of study. The focus will be the kinds of research that UH Mānoa, a Research One institution, is particularly well-positioned to do as an Indigenous-serving university in the midst of the Pacific. Guest speakers—both Honors faculty and students—share personal experiences and advice about pursuing research in various fields.

Inquiry and exploration will be guided in particular by urgent and overlapping questions shaped by sustainability and climate change. This course will support the development of critical thinking and writing skills, emphasizing the processes and approaches of doing research, creative work, and innovation, and will examine the steps to building a project, including identifying problems/envisioning goals, formulating questions, reviewing literature, and developing appropriate approaches. 

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