Honors 333


Students may be eligible to register in up to three (3) credits of Honors 333 if you complete the following:

A minimum of 48 hours (the equivalent of a three-credit class) of work in one of the following categories:

  • Professional or Academic Internship
  • Research
  • Leadership Activity

Students need to schedule an appointment with an Honors Program Advisor, to obtain permission to enroll in HON 333.

Some aspects of the current HON 333 course include:

  • Submission of a paper summarizing and analyzing your experiences to the Honors Program, addressing:
    • A brief but detailed description of the experience
    • An analysis of what you learned about themselves, the profession or social/cultural milieu in which the work was completed
    • Application of what was learned—how does this experience influence future plans?

Honors 333 is an excellent way to find a meaningful experience that will complement academic work, enhance the CV, and successfully complete the Honors Program requirements.

Verification of hours, such as a spreadsheet or letter signed by a supervisor must be submitted, as well as other requirements, which will be outlined in the syllabus in a given semester.