UNIV 110-3

Fall 2023 ACE pre-registration will open June 13th. Standard registration opens June 26th on STAR. 


UNIV 110 is a one-credit seminar offered either as part of the ACE Global Learning Community or as a stand-alone course that freshmen can sign up for during standard registration. This course includes:

  • Weekly Meetings - Students meet once a week for 50 minutes with a set group of no more than 20 students.
  • Upperclassman Peer Mentor - The seminar is facilitated by an upperclassman peer mentor who can provide insight on transitioning to college and relay useful information regarding UHM's services/layout.
  • Informative Lesson Plans - Each week, the peer mentor will go over information that is pertinent to successful acclimation to college. Topics such as accessing campus resources, study tips, and money management are some of the many useful lectures that UNIV 110 students will learn from.

The transition to college is definitely not an easy one, which is why UNIV 110 works to alleviate some of the stress that is placed on first year students. It is the ideal way for students to get the hang of all aspects of college in their first semester so that they can continue to succeed in the semesters to follow.

Info regarding the UNIV 110 textbook can be found here.