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A lot of people are talking about service learning, and for good reason. There is significant evidence supporting the positive role service learning has on students and the community. We’ve been working with Mānoa faculty for over 20 years, and in that time many of your colleagues have launched service learning programs for their students.

Curriculum revisions can be challenging, but service learning programs provide a compelling experience for your students that may justify the change. Participants gain the opportunity to perform field work for organizations that interest them, and learn from their peers via regular reports in the classroom environment.

If you’re ready to learn what service learning can do for your course, or if you’d like more information, please call us at (808) 956-4641. We can tell you more about the services we offer, schedule an orientation for your class, and refer you to other Mānoa faculty to understand how others are making service learning work for their students.

To get an overview of the organizations we collaborate with, please visit our Community Partner Directory.

Civic Engagement during a Pandemic: A Discussion Series

Watch the recording of the previous sessions here!

Date: Thursday, November 5th
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: ONLINE*

*Participation is limited to 20 faculty per session, to register online please visit:

The Office of Civic and Community Engagement, College of Social Sciences Program for Civic Engagement/ACCESS Engagement, Assessment and Curriculum Support Center and Center for Teaching Excellence present:

We invite faculty to learn with us and examine strategies, possibilities, and regulations they should consider when planning for civic engagement opportunities for their students. The civic engagement leaders on campus, Atina Pascua and Ulla Hasager, will facilitate the discussions and provide the most updated expectations and regulations from government agencies, community organizations, and the university. They will provide real-life examples, and immediately implementable strategies, along with instruments and tools to aid in implementing engagement opportunities to students. Yao Hill from the Assessment and Curriculum Support Center will provide advice on civic engagement assessment.

In this highly interactive discussion session, participants will share

  • Challenges of organizing civic engagement activities during a pandemic
  • Possibilities and adaptation strategies
  • Plans and areas of need.

Faculty are encouraged to bring their own experiences, strategies, and materials to share with colleagues. The facilitators will respond to participants’ ideas and offer resources and guidance.

We have been working on a resource list to help faculty navigate through this difficult time and still integrate service learning in their courses. Click to button below to open, print or safe the document.