Arnold Air Society

Arnold Air Society is a professional, honorary. service organization, advocating the support of aerospace power. The Lt. Col Horace M. Hickam Squadron is Detachment 175’s very own active squadron. Consisting of numerous cadets and honorary members, the members of Arnold Air Society aim to develop themselves through Professional Development Training, community service, and networking. Every year cadets will have the opportunity to attend NATCON, a national conclave consisting of thousands of Arnold Air Society members from across the nation.

To be an active member, cadets enter a 10 week candidate course that aims to grow them into professional and confident leaders. After passing a national test and a vigorous training exercise, cadets have the honor of initiating as an active member, wearing the fourragere and rank pin on their uniform to signify their


Here are just a few examples of what we do:

  • participate in the Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society
  • attend First Saturdays at the Kanewai Lo’i
  • send a delegation to our Area and National Conventions
  • volunteer at local JROTC events such as the Punahou Triathlon and NJROTC Harbor Challenge

Along with the personal growth accompanying these service opportunities, the members of Horace M. Hickam Squadron also gain a keener sense of professionalism and responsibility through their leadership positions within the society.  This has led to several Area-level staff appointments, and a successful bid to host the Area X Convention for Fall 2018.  To find out more about Arnold Air Society, visit

If you would like to know more about Arnold Air Society, please contact us

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard at Detachment 175 is a dedicated team of cadets driven to perform military drill and ceremonies at higher standards that exemplify integrity, service, excellence, and professionalism. Cadets in Honor Guard maintain levels of fitness, appearance, and military bearing above reproach in order to better represent the Air Force and the United States military through the opportunities we are given. Detachment 175 Honor Guard is tasked to participate in events such as the University of Hawaii Football games, joint-branch events, volunteer service, and other events from the University of Hawaii. Our vision for Detachment 175’s Honor Guard is to strive for perfection and to exemplify our proficiency in drill to meet the standards of an active duty Honor Guard while sustaining a team-oriented mindset.

Na Koa Lani Booster Club

The Na Koa Lani Booster Club is a university organization whose purpose is to bolster the development of future Air Force leaders by supporting and improving their college experience through sponsored extracurricular activities. Events such as Dining Out, Dining In, and Wing Socials are all sponsored by the Na Koa Lani Booster Club.  The Na Koa Lani Booster Club promotes camaraderie in the pursuit of bringing communities together. For more information, or to contact their leadership, please contact them at