Leadership Lab

Leadership Lab (LLAB) is a course designed to provide cadets with “on-the-job” experience in areas of leadership, teamwork, and management. LLAB serves as a practical preparation for active duty as a Second Lieutenant.

All officers are leaders, supervisors, and managers. LLAB exposes you with these responsibilities during weekly Air Force ROTC activities which help to develop and test your skills. LLAB is planned, organized, and conducted by upper-class cadets with oversight by Cadre and allows you to practice the skills learned in class through a variety of activities. Your experience in LLAB will be valuable for a lifetime, in both your military and civilian life.

LLAB is graded on a pass/fail basis. However, performance in LLAB is used by Cadre to gauge your potential to become an officer. LLAB consists of Physical Training (PT) and the Lab itself. Det 175 meets every Friday from 0700-0900.