The Department of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is an educational program designed to allow young men and women to pursue a commission in the United States Air Force or Space Force. This can be accomplished by first attending a community college then transferring to a four-year university and graduating with a Bachelors degree. The cadre and staff are the officers that mentor the cadets and the staff that keeps paperwork and other things running smoothly.

AFROTC affords graduates the opportunity to pursue a broad range of career fields to include aviation related jobs, law, space operations, medicine, intelligence, computer systems, and engineering. You can take part in this unique experience as a college freshman with no commitment. You can continue on in the program without any commitment to the military for the first two years. The AFROTC program is open to all college students regardless of major.

Air Force ROTC at University of Hawaii meets up to four times per week. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, cadets participate in Physical Training. This prepares them for the semester Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA).  Cadets attend Aerospace Studies class, which is taught by members of cadre with topics being: Introduction to the Air Force, Evolutions of Air and Space Power, Leadership and National Security.  On Friday mornings, cadets attend Leadership Laboratory (LLAB), which prepares cadets for being in the military.

Timeline of Cadet Rank

C/4C Cadet 4th Class AS100

C/3C Cadet 3rd Class AS200

C/2d Lt Cadet 2nd Lt  S300

C/1st Lt Cadet 1st Lt AS300

C/Capt Cadet Captain AS300/400

C/Maj Cadet Major AS400

C/Lt Col Cadet Lt Col AS400

C/Col Cadet Col AS400

AFROTC cadets go through two stages, the General Military Course (GMC) and the Professional Officer’s Course (POC).

You can enter our four or three year program. Our three year program is an accelerated course which shortens the GMC stage to one year.