Leadership Lab (LLAB) is a course designed to provide cadets with “on-the-job” experience in areas of leadership, teamwork, and management. LLAB serves as a practical military training in preparation for life as a Second Lieutenant. All Dept of the Air Force officers are leaders, supervisors, and managers. LLAB exposes you with these responsibilities during weekly AFROTC activities which help to develop and test your skills. LLAB is planned, organized, and conducted by upper-class cadets with oversight by Cadre and allows you to practice the skills learned in class through a variety of activities. Your experience in LLAB will be valuable for a lifetime, in both military and civilian capacities. LLAB is a one-credit class and is graded on a pass/fail basis. Performance in LLAB is used by Cadre to gauge your potential to become an officer. LLAB consists of both Physical Training (PT) and the Lab itself.


Det 175 doesn’t mess around when it comes to working out. Physical Training (PT) activities vary between cardio, calisthenics, or sports and many of our workouts are built around competitive team building. The sessions are held at University of  Hawaii athletic facilities and upper class cadets are responsible for planning and executing the workouts.  Our PT will prepare you for the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) which all cadets must pass each semester. More importantly, Physical Readiness is a key component required in an Air Force Officer, and our PT will prepare Officer Candidates for future active duty service.


The Department of the Air Force expects a culture of fitness and requires cadets to keep their minds and bodies in shape. Twice a year, cadets take a PFA. The PFA consists of 1 minute of sit-ups, 1 minute of push-ups, and a 1.5 mile run. Specific standards for excellence vary for each gender and age group, however all cadets should be able to do a minimum of 40 sit-ups, 30 push-ups, and a 14 min run (females)/12 min run (males). Your score is composed of your performance in those three activities and your waist measurement.

AS Class Freshmen: AS 101/102 – Tue 1000-1050 or Wed 0800-0850
Sophomores: AS 201/202 – Wed 1000-1150 or Fri 0600-0650
Juniors: AS 301/302 – Tue/Thur 0800-0930
Seniors: AS 401/402 – Tue/Thur 0800-0930

*Class times may flex according to operational needs.

Throughout your time as a cadet you will take all of the above Aerospace Studies classes which cover a wide range of topics to prepare you to be an Officer. These topics range from Leadership and Management to the History of the Air Force to National Security. The academic class is open to all university students, not just cadets, and is a time to ask questions about leadership experiences learned through the program.