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College of Natural Sciences

Location Sinclair Library 301
Phone(808) 956-5911

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

How advising works:

The College of Natural Sciences has a variety of degree programs, each with its own set of advisors.  

  • Major Advisors assist with major requirements and opportunities.
  • College Advisors assist with academic planning, General Education, academic progress, integrating degree requirements, and graduation.

Advising Services:

  • Prospective Student Advising: 30-minute appointments for an introduction and orientation to UHM, its resources, and degree requirements.  Prospective students can meet with either a Major Advisor or a College Advisor.
  • General advising: 30-minute appointments for a wide variety of advising needs.  
  • Mandatory Advising: 30-minute appointments to discuss STAR navigation, class registration, and graduation requirements.  
  • Major Advising: Appointments to learn about your major’s requirements and extracurricular opportunities, typically with a department faculty member.

List of Majors in Natural Sciences

Astronomy (BA)
Astrophysics (BS)
Biochemistry (BA)
Biochemistry (BS)
Biology (BA)
Biology (BS)
Botany (BA)
Botany (BS)
Chemistry (BS)
Ethnobotany (BS) (Not admitting students effective Fall 2015)
Information and Computer Sciences (BA)
Computer Science (BS)
Marine Biology (BS)
Mathematics (BA)
Microbiology (BA)
Microbiology (BS)
Molecular Cell Biology (BS)
Physics (BA)
Physics (BS)
Zoology (BA) (Not admitting students effective Spring 2013)