The University of Hawaiʻi policies and procedures include the Board of Regents, Executive, Administrative, Mānoa, etc. Please refer to the websites listed below which are posted at another site.

University of Hawaiʻi System Policies and Procedures

  • System Overview
  • Board of Regents Policies
  • UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures
  • UH Systemwide Executive Policies
  • State of Hawaiʻi Civil Service Policies and Procedures
  • UH System Emergency Management Plan
  • University of Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Policies, Procedures and Guidelines (PPG)

Board of Regents Policies

  • M1.000 General Provisions
  • M2.000 Administration
  • M3.000 Organization
  • M4.000 Planning
  • M5.000 Academic Affairs
  • M6.000 Tuition, Scholarships, and Fees
  • M7.000 Student Affairs
  • M8.000 Business and Finance
  • M9.000 Personnel
  • M10.000 Land and Physical Facilities
  • M11.000 Miscellaneous
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