FY25 Operating Budget & Multi-Year Financial Plan – Due Noon, Friday, July 5, 2024 (UPDATED DUE DATE again!)

We were recently notified that the FY 2025 operating budget and multi-year financial plan are needed for the Board of Regents’ upcoming meeting.  Similar to last year, a consolidated budget projection workbook was created for each school/department to assist in the completion of the operating budget and multi-year financial plan.  These reports are due to UBO a week prior to the BOR August 2024 subcommittee submittal deadline. Therefore, we are asking you to complete your respective school/department workbook by noon, on Friday, July 5, 2024 at the absolute latest and e-mail completed workbooks to jnikaido@hawaii.edu and mabudget@hawaii.edu.  The due date was updated on June 13, because of a due date into University Budget Office  by July 8, 2024.  The date was updated again on June 27, after UBO informed us of the change in the date of the BOR meeting.
Please note, to help simplify the process we are only asking you to complete the worksheets for each of the BPIDs associated with your Summer TFSF, Outreach Credit TFSF, Other Special, Other Revolving and Federal Appropriated Funds.  We will be completing the sheets for General, Regular Term TFSF and RTRF centrally.  The workbooks for your school/department are available at https://manoa.hawaii.edu/uhmbf/budget/current/fy25myfp/.  The worksheets include prior year actuals for FY23 and FY24 (through May 2024) as well as projections from prior year submittals (if they were available).  Additional instructions to further assist you in the completion of the worksheets have been posted on the website.
We are also continuing the carryover spending form.  Use of carryover funds is intended to support one-time needs or strategic investments leading to new sources of funding and not intended to support recurring operations unless as a temporary bridging mechanism.  If you have regular TFSF carryover funds and anticipate spending the carryover, please complete the worksheet provided via the link in the instructions.  The plan should identify how the anticipated expenditures are associated with the current University System Strategic Plan (https://www.hawaii.edu/strategic-plan/). In the explanation, please ensure to identify the applicable imperative(s), specific objectives within the imperative(s) associated with the projected expenditures, and an approximate dollar amount for each at the bottom of the sheet.
Thank you in advance for your assistance in completing the necessary consolidated budget projection worksheets.  Please let us know if you have any questions.
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