Revision to FY24 37-47 Spreadsheets

The 37-47 spreadsheet files were updated on September 13, 2023 at 8:20pm

  • Glitch in formulas calculating the percentage change in revenues and expenditures were one year off.
  • If you want to correct the formulas on your sheets that you already downloaded, slide the formula one column to the left and extend it out to the remaining years.
  • To tell if you have the revised files or not, if you see a percentage change calculation in the column for FY 2026, then you have the revised file.
  • The adjustment does NOT need to be made on your sheets; the values were there to help determine if a variance explanation was required.

The rest of the instructions are still applicable.  For the FY24 37-47 instructions and forms, please click here.

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