Termination of Pandemic Related Fiscal Directives & Freeze Update

Please see the attached memo from Provost Michael Bruno and Sandy French, Chief Business Officer regarding the Termination of Pandemic-related Fiscal Directives and UH Mānoa Budget Freeze Update, effective July 1, 2023. As referenced in the memo, President Lassner’s June 26, 2023 memo terminating the pandemic-related fiscal directives effective July 1, 2023 is also attached.

Lassner’s memo states that pandemic related operational controls will terminate on July 1, 2023.  This included the following:

  1. The hiring and filling of vacant positions
  2. Suspension of special salary adjustments and special compensation adjustments
  3. Out-of-state travel
  4. Equipment purchases over certain amount thresholds
  5. New contracts for services exceeding certain amount thresholds

Approving authorities will revert to those outlined in applicable Board and Executive Policies and Administrative Procedures.  However, for the Manoa campus, as stated in the memo from the Provost and CBO, the practice of reviewing faculty hiring requests for general-funded permanent and budgeted temporary positions will continue.  Manoa is also implementing a process for requesting to fill Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) and Civil Service (C/S) positions, limited to new hires that are general funded permanent or budgeted temporary.  All other previous freeze restrictions have been listed.

Requests to fill general funded permanent or budgeted temporary positions can be done by completing one of the applicable forms and submitted to the Provost (provost@hawaii.edu):

For the approving authorities for all other requests (i.e, executive/managerial), please see the applicable Board and Executive Policies and Administrative Procedures.


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