Changes to Federal Tax Withholding Effective March 4, 2022 Payroll

The following was sent from HIP regarding the federal tax update effective with the 3/4/22 pay date:

Subject: 2022 Tax Update Effective for the 3/4/22 Paychecks

The 2022 tax update was applied in HIP and took effect for the March 4, 2022 paychecks for all employees. As part of this update, the tax brackets increased, causing employees to potentially fall into lower tax brackets. The tax percentages did not change. As a result, employees may notice less federal taxes withheld from their March 4, 2022 paychecks compared to their prior paychecks.

To assist employees in calculating their new federal taxes withheld due to this update, they can complete Worksheet 1A on page 8 of the attached IRS Publication 15-T: Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods for 2022 and use the tables on page 10 to fill out the worksheet.

Please share this information with your team and department’s employees. Thank you!

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