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Helpful Field Education Resources

Below you will find a variety of resources and templates that you can utilize throughout placement experience. 

Field Documents

Learning Plan & EvaluationGeneralist Learning Agreement
Time LogSpecialist Learning Agreement
SW 391 – Juniors – Spring 2018Log of Hours
SW 490 – Seniors – Fall 2018Mid-semester Evaluation
SW 491 – Seniors – Spring 2018Final Evaluation
Generalist Year
Course Schedule
Specialist Year
Course Schedule


2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards for BSW and MSW Programs, Developed by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). 

Learn more about the Department of Social Work’s 10th Competency.

Supervision Resources

Site Visits

The Field Office conducts site visits of each student at their field site at least once during their field experience. In meeting with the student and Field Instructor, the Field Office is able to:

  • Assist the Field Instructor/Agency in establishing and maintaining an effective learning environment.
  • Assist and support the Field Instructor/Agency in the role of field educator.
  • Monitor the student’s learning experience and intervene when learning impediments or difficulties are identified.

The Site Visit generally lasts sixty minutes. A record of the Site Visit is kept by the Field Office through the completion of a Site Visit Addendum form and will focus on the following areas:

  • Student Activities
  • Supervision
  • Physical Work Environment
  • Learning Environment
  • Is the student progressing in practice skills and knowledge and in her/his professional development goals?
  • Any additional information that is relevant to the overall evaluation of this practicum site.

Google Drive Account
Field Instructors are able to get a email account with their appointment as an Adjunct Faculty member. Complete the appointment form located here.

Or create a Gmail account with an existing email address. Learn more at the following web tutorial.

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