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2018 MSW Student Poster Board Presentations

2018 MSW Student Poster Board Presentations

As a requirement of the signature assignment for the Advance Research course (SW 741), a poster board event was held on Dec. 3rd, 2018 for 2nd year MSW students in Dr. Godinet’s class.  The event provided students with the opportunity to present and highlight their findings of evidenced based practices from their systematic literature review to their peers and social work faculty.   Evidenced based practices reviewed focused on social issues such as child neglect; adolescent substance use; addiction; and secondary trauma and burnout.  Given the importance of knowledge dissemination, the poster board presentation event was also an avenue for our upcoming MSW graduates to experience how their research findings can be disseminated to their peers and other professionals.

Mahalo to SW students, faculty, and staff who were able to attend the event!  Your participation and feedback that support a learning environment is greatly appreciated!

To see more pictures of this event, please click on this link to go to your facebook page.

Students presenting to fellow students and faculty Three students posing in front of their presentation

Faculty and students looking at a presentation Two students posing with their presentation

Students talking about their research to a group

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