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Goal: Becoming a Native Hawaiian Place of Learning

Ka Hoʻokō Kuleana

  • Co-leads: Maenette Benham & Robert Bley-Vroman
  • Supported by: Kaiwipuni Lipe

Ka Hoʻokō Kuleana: NH Student Success working group

  • Kaʻōmaka Aki (student rep)
  • Nalani Balutski
  • Kinohi Gomes
  • Josh Kaʻakua
  • Andy Sutton
  • Kapena Shim

Ka Hoʻokō Kuleana: Staff and faculty development

  • Rosie Alegado
  • Lilikalā Kameʻeleihiwa
  • Melody Mackenzie
  • Nalani Minton
  • Kawika Tengan

Ka Hoʻokō Kuleana: Environments

  • Kalani Evensen
  • Clif Tanabe
  • Kapā Oliveira
  • Kahunawai Wright

Ka Hoʻokō Kuleana: Community Engagement

  • Keawe Kaholokula
  • Julie Maeda
  • Noreen Mokuau
  • Jackie Ng-Osorio

The following people contributed to the crafting and articulation of the three goals aimed to be completed by 2025 in the Native Hawaiian Place of Learning section of the strategic report:

  • Mari Ono
  • ʻAnoʻilani Aga
  • Daniela Bottjer-Wilson
  • Julienne K. Maeda
  • Noweo Kai
  • Nalani Minton
  • Kimo Cashman
  • Kamakana Aquino
  • Ilikea Silva
  • Winona K. Lee

Goal: Excellence in Student Success

Strategic Enrollment Management Committee (SEMC)

  • Roxie M. Shabazz, former Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
  • Lori M. Ideta, Vice Provost for Student Success
  • Ron Cambra, (Retired) Assistant Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education
  • Deb Halbert, former Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Krystyna Aune, Dean Graduate Division
  • Kaiwipuni Lipe, Native Hawaiian Affairs Specialist

Strategic Planning for Admission and Recruitment Committee (SPARC)

  • Myhraliza Aala, STEM Marketing and Public Affairs Officer, Engineering
  • Leona Anthony, Director of Student Services, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
  • Peter Arnade, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities
  • Krystyna Aune, Dean, Graduate Division
  • Linda Duckworth, Director, International Student Services
  • Robin Hadwick, Assistant Dean, Shidler College of Business
  • Lori Ideta, Vice Provost for Student Success
  • Shannon Johnson, Program Coordinator, Come Back to Mānoa
  • Lisa Kitagawa-Akagi, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
  • Eugene Lao, ASUH Student Representative
  • June Lee, Director of Student Services, School of Architecture
  • Henry Lew, Professor and Department Chair, John A. Burns School of Medicine
  • Niki Libarios, Advisor, College of Education
  • Julienne Maeda, Associate Graduate Dean, Graduate Division
  • Mari Ono, Director of Student Services, Thompson School of Social Work and Public Health
  • Roxie Shabazz, former Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
  • Melvin Spencer, College of Education
  • Elisabeth Steele Hutchinson, Admission Director, William S. Richardson School of Law
  • Jan Taniguchi, (Retired) Associate Director, Office of Admissions
  • Ryan Yamaguchi, Associate Director, Office of Admissions

Goal: Excellence in Research: Advancing the Research and Creative Work Enterprise

The research strategic goal, objective, and areas articulated in this living document is a culmination of a three-year collaborative process involving contributions from members of the VCR Research Advisory Council (RAC) and RAC sub-committee working groups.

We would like to thank the Research Advisory Council Members over the last 3 years who have contributed to the development of the strategic initiatives and goals. We would also like to recognize the APTs, Administrators, and Faculty who contributed to the RAC sub-committee working groups, namely Reducing Research Administrative Burden, Advancing Research Development, Addressing Research Facilities and Shared Resources, Student Research and Creative Works, and Improving Communications about UH Manoa’s Research.

Authors of the Strategic Plan’s research strategic goal section:

  • Michael Bruno
  • Velma Kameoka
  • Chad Walton

Goal: Building a Sustainable and Resilient Campus Environment

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