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2023 – 2024 MSS Standing Committees


Chair: Jennel Sesoko

Members: Bernadette Baraquio, Aeza Hafalia, Reynold KajiwaraJennel Sesoko, Raedelle Van Fossen

Executive Board Liaison: Jennel Sesoko

  • Develops and maintains the Mānoa Staff Senate website as a central information portal for members of the Mānoa staff community.
  • Works closely with the executive board and standing committee chairs to obtain, review, and coordinate up-to-date information for the website.
  • Maintains key listservs in collaboration with ITS and the senate secretary.
  • Coordinates the dissemination of mass communication, in consultation with the senate chair.


Chair: Andrew Sensano

Members: Nathaniel Kingsley, Christie Nitta, Andrew Sensano, Raedelle Van Fossen

Executive Board Liaison: Christie Nitta

  • Develops and implements procedures for annual senate elections, including candidate recruitment.
  • Organizes special elections as needed.
  • Works closely with the Communications Committee to inform Mānoa staff of upcoming elections and publicize results on the Mānoa Staff Senate website.
  • Conducts an annual review of the election process and makes recommendations for improvement to ensure fairness and inclusivity.


Co-Chairs: Nōweo Kai and Carol Oshiro

Members: Jacob Choe, Michele Inouchi, Nōweo Kai, Richard Okubo, Carol Oshiro

Executive Board Liaisons: Nōweo Kai, Carol Oshrio

  • Coordinates efforts to reach Mānoa staff members throughout the university in an effort to improve campus climate.
  • Establishes relationships with and connects staff members to the information and resources available on the Mānoa Staff Senate website.
  • Makes recommendations to the senate regarding innovative ways to engage with the Mānoa staff community.
  • Develops senate-endorsed programs for the continuous engagement and development of Mānoa staff.

Shared Governance

Chair: Elmer Kaʻai

Members: Carl Dionne, Devon Gordon, Elmer Ka’ai, Jaret Leong, Andrew Sensano, Sarah Simmons

Executive Board Liaisons: Carl Dionne

  • Keeps abreast of new and updated university policies and procedures.
  • Makes recommendations to the senate regarding changes to existing university policies and procedures that directly impact Mānoa staff.
  • Makes recommendations to the executive board regarding updates to the Mānoa Staff Senate Charter and Bylaws.
  • Provides updates to the staff senate chair regarding existing university committees and initiatives so the Mānoa Staff Senate can pursue representation in these efforts.


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