Lehua Kamalu

In 2018, Polynesian Navigator Lehua Kamalu became the first female to lead captain and lead navigate a long distance, deep ocean voyage on a Polynesian voyaging canoe when she sailed Hikianalia on a 2,800-mile journey from Hawaiʻi to California without modern instruments and using only nature as her guide. As Voyaging Director of the Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS), Lehua sees the practice of deep-sea voyaging as a means to challenge the depth and quality of our individual relationships to the ocean, nature, and one another. Her work in voyaging provides an inspiring example of how indigenous knowledge, culture, science and values can intersect to create a healthy, thriving future for our earth. Lehua has emerged as a next generation thought-leader in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific and has earned further recognition as a distinguished fellow with First Nations Futures Program, Emerson Collective Dial Fellowship and MIT Media Lab Fellows.