UH Community Conversations Series

Karen Meech

Astronomer and astrobiologist Karen Meech investigates how habitable worlds form and the possibilities of life beyond Earth. An expert on comets, she was co-investigator on three NASA missions: Deep Impact, EPOXI, and Stardust NExT. Trained at Rice and MIT, she has won numerous awards, including the Annie Jump Cannon Award, the Harold C. Urey Prize, and the UH Regent’s Medal for Research Excellence. In 2017, she led the UH team that characterized the first object from another star to traverse our solar system, ‘Oumuamua.

Live Online Event

Dispatches from ‘Oumuamua: New Research on a Mysterious Visitor from Outside Our Solar System

Friday, June 25, 1:00 pm

Interviewer: Michael Bruno, UH Mānoa Provost

Event Sponsors: Institute for Astronomy, Office of the Provost, UH Alumni Relations, UH Foundation