BTSS Launches “Covid Voices” Series

family wearing face masks

BTSS is launching a new Covid Voices series on our YouTube channel. It will feature deep-dive interviews on social and scientific issues surrounding the pandemic. We are starting with UH faculty with expertise on a range of topics, including:

  • The basics of epidemiology with UH public health professor Alan Katz
  • Zoonotic viruses and climate change with environmental geographer Camilo Mora
  • Efforts to protect Hawai‘i’s nursing homes with JABSOM geriatrician Patricia Blanchette
  • The Black Death and the invention of public health with CALL dean Peter Arnade
  • Managing Hawai‘i’s emergency with JABSOM professor Steve Hankins

With the help of our main partners, Hawai‘i Community Foundation and Kamehameha Schools, we’ve also conducted pandemic-related interviews with elected officials, community leaders, and some of our former speakers, including Lieutenant Governor Josh Green and Harvard psychiatrist Robert Waldinger.

Take a look at the whole series HERE.

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