Why UH Mānoa?

The Hawaiian Islands are much more than just a beatiful location to spend a semester, they are lands and waters rich with a history that goes back long before Hawai’i became a state in 1959.

Because of our geographic location and history of immigration from Asia and Pacific Island nations, Hawaiʻi has evolved into a unique multi-cultural community. This internationalism has helped shape the focus and content of the university’s academic programs. We believe that a significant part of a college education is studying other cultures and living and learning with students from different backgrounds. The university offers 2500 courses each semester, 26 foreign languages including 19 different Asian and Pacific languages, and over 500 courses with specific Asian/Pacific focus. There are a wide variety of courses and resources available that will enrich your understanding of Hawai’i; exploring American military and economic interests in the Hawaiian Islands as a gateway to East Asia, the unique culture that Hawai’i as a “Crossroads of the Pacific” has created, and the little known story of Hawai’i as an Indigenous kingdom under foreign occupation.

The opportunity to learn at UH Manoa is unlike anywhere else in the world, providing students with access to one of a kind historical archives as well as the acclaimed East-West Center, an institution committed to promoting relationships between The United States, Asia, and the Pacific.

While these resources can be a wonderful opportunity for students coming from any type of program, they can provide an especially important point of view for students of history, cultural studies, and other humanities. UH Mānoa also has the distinction of being a land-, sea-, and space-grant research institution. Former students have enrolled in courses as diverse as Asian economics, Chinese and Japanese literatures, Hawaiian archeology, Indonesian dance, Korean language, marine biology, geology, astronomy, creative media as well as regular arts and science courses. Whether you are interested in learning a new language, studying Hawaiian mythology, or researching the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai’i in the 19th century, the talented professors at The University of Hawai’i at Manoa can guide you in your academic journey.

If you wish to benefit from the richness of other cultures you will find the special courses and activities available at the University of Hawaiʻi a complement to your existing academic studies.

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