• First page requires the necessary contact information, amount requested, area of diversity that project addresses and the category of initiative. Include a brief 500 character description of the project with intended start and finish date.
  • Signatures are required for application review.
  • A budget breakdown is provided. If your project budget does not fall within the suggested categories a separate budget page describing expenses can be attached with the application
  • Review the Checklist Report form. This report is submitted 30 days after the project is completed. The Checklist Report form is available on our Resources page.
  • Save a copy of the application for your files and make a copy for the department fiscal officer.
  • Email the application with attached narrative to

Writing the Narrative

  • For proposals requesting up to $5000: attach a narrative 5 pages or less. Include goals and objectives, method and evaluation of project and what area of diversity it addresses.
  • Proposals that request $1000 or less: attach a 1 page narrative describing the project and the area of diversity it addresses.
  • Include a brief description of the principal investigator or organization submitting the proposal. 1 page or less.
  • View Sample Narratives

What SEED IDEAS can fund

  • Honorarium
  • Travel for speakers, trainers, performance artists
  • Lodging
  • Printing and supply costs
  • Rental for venues or equipment
  • Administrative support to initiate the project

What SEED IDEAS cannot fund

  • Travel for faculty or students to the mainland
  • Food for events
  • Leis and flowers
  • Overload for faculty
  • Computers, digital cameras or printers

Complete your application by the deadline

  • Visit our Apply Now! section to view the upcoming deadlines, review the application checklist, download the application, or for information on how to submit your completed application.