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Reimbursement/Direct Payment Request Forms

2018-2019 Accessing Funds Packet for Reimbursement:
This packet contains the forms required to seek reimbursement

2018-2019 Accessing Funds packet for Direct Payment:
This packet contains the forms required to seek direct payment

SAPFB Outside Funding Form:
One form must be submitted with each event when requesting reimbursement/direct payment

Funding Process Resources

Budget Template/Instructions:
All applicants are required to use our template

Funding PowerPoint Presentation Example:
We recommend following the general outline of the example presentation

SAPFB Info Briefing PowerPoint Presentation:
Updated October 2018

APM Limitations in Purchasing:
Items that the University of Hawaii prohibit payment for

APM Specialized Purchasing:
Special items that the University of Hawaii may allow payment for

Disability Access Funding Application Form:
For groups seeking disability access funding for their SAPFB-funded events

SAPFB Post-Activity Report:
Must be completed after submission of reimbursement funding documents

Other Documents

SAPFB Charter

Non-Personnel Services Contract

Flight Comparison Example:
Generate Car Rental comparison(s) similarly to flight comparison

Invoice Example Template:
Use this sample to generate an invoice to close out Purchase Order

Tax Forms

WH-1 Tax Form:
For individual

W-9 Tax Form:
For organizations/vendor