Karen P. Winterich

Associate Editor, Journal of Marketing

Karen Page Winterich is Gerald I. Susman Professor in Sustainability and professor of marketing at Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University. Winterich conducts research in the area of consumer behavior, with specific interests in consumers’ sustainable behaviors. Her primary research includes: investigating the effect of consumer identities on product preference and donations, strategies for increasing sustainable behavior particularly regarding disposition, recycling, and repair, and understanding the role of morality in the marketplace. Much of her work pertains to companies seeking to enhance their sustainability strategy as well as non-profit and government organizations.
Her research is published in Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of Marketing Research, among others. She received the MSI/H. Paul Root Award for her 2019 Journal of Marketing article on recycling behavior, which was also a runner-up for the Financial Times Responsible Business Education Award for Academic Research. Her research was an inaugural winner of the AMA-EBSCO Responsible Research in Marketing Award as well as a Distinguished Winner in 2021. Most recently, her Sustainable Retailing article received the Davidson Award for the Best Paper in Journal of Retailing. She has been an invited speaker for GreenBiz’s CIRCULARITY 2.0 and the Can Manufacturing Institute, among others.
She serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing Research and the Journal of Marketing and is on the Editorial Review Board at the Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Consumer Psychology, among others. Winterich is President-Elect of the American Marketing Association’s Academic Council. Winterich also enjoys teaching sustainability marketing to undergraduate students.

Select Research Publications:
Vadakkepatt, G. G., Winterich, K. P., Mittal, V., Zinn, W., Beitelspacher, L., Aloysius, J., ... & Reilman, J. (2021). Sustainable Retailing. Journal of Retailing, 97 (1), 62-80. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jretai.2020.10.008

Lee, Saerom and Karen Page Winterich (2022), “The Price Entitlement Effect: When and Why High Price Entitles Consumers to Purchase Socially Costly Products,” Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming, https://doi.org/10.1177/00222437221094301.

Xu, Felix, Lisa E. Bolton, and Karen Page Winterich, (2021), “How Do Consumers React to Company Moral Transgressions? The Role of Power Distance Belief and Empathy for Victims,” Journal of Consumer Research, 48 (1), 77-101.

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