Pre-Veterinary Opportunities Program

About the Program

The Pre-Veterinary Program at the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa is an opportunity that provides guidance for current Pre-Veterinary Club members to gain exposure and knowledge in the veterinary medicine field. The program allows members to explore these opportunities by learning how to apply to job/volunteer positions through participation in educational workshops and accessing up-to-date resources. Pre-Veterinary Club members will be able to volunteer, shadow, or work under the supervision of veterinarians and/or other pre-professional individuals in diverse positions. The goal of the program is to provide students with a better understanding of their personal interests, strengths and to build communicative skills and professionalism in their veterinary career and academic plans.

The goals of the Mentorship Program is to:

  • Offer group/individual mentorship advising (Group/Individual)
  • Provide career-based workshops (i.e. resume, curriculum vitae, interview)
  • Supply up-to-date opportunities, which include animal, veterinary, and research experiences
  • Create relationships with the university, community, and global organizations

History of the Mentorship Program

In 2010, the Pre-Veterinary Mentorship Program was established by former Pre-Vet Club President, Page Iida, and our past Pre-Veterinary Club Advisor, Ashley Stokes, DVM. The original goal of this program was to introduce students to the diverse field of veterinary medicine and allow them to gain experience in their area of interest. Under the guidance of an assigned veterinarian, students would have the time to observe and, if the veterinarian allows, participate in clinical procedures and case studies. Today, the mentorship program has been shaped to not only allow students to shadow veterinarians, but to also expand upon more volunteer opportunities within and outside of the veterinary setting. The program has also been adjusted to allow students to obtain personal development, connections, and exposure to their veterinary fields of interest. The program is aiming to grow in open opportunities and information for the RIO club, university, and community.


Pre-Veterinary Club at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa: