Course Program of Study

United States Department of Education regulations require that students receiving federal student aid (i.e.: Pell, Direct Loans, and Work Study) be enrolled in courses that are applicable towards their degree. Students enrolled in coursework not applicable towards their degree requirements could see their financial aid package prorated or cancelled.

Information for Students

What is Course Program of Study (CPoS)?

Course Program of Study is a process to stay in compliance with federal regulations on financial aid. Financial aid funds can only be awarded for courses that are required for your degree program.

Why Now?

CPoS has always been a regulation and with the availability of new functionality within STAR, the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa can now begin to implement the CPoS regulation. UH Mānoa will be going live with CPoS starting with Fall 2021.

What Does This Mean for Me?

If you receive federal financial aid it is important that you ensure you are enrolling for courses that fulfill degree requirements. If you are uncertain whether a course fulfills your degree requirements, we encourage you to meet with your academic advisor.

Information for Students

Financial Aid Basics

Be sure to learn about and understand the basics of financial aid. You are responsible for maintaining your financial aid eligibility. The UHM Financial Aid Office has great resources available to help you learn more.

Academic Advising

Your academic advisor can help you build your long term academic and co-curricular plan. You need to meet with your advisor regularly.

Check Your Major

It is essential that your major is noted correctly in your student record. If you have been planning to declare or change a major, but have not yet done so, you should consult with your academic advisor.

Courses can only be determined to be eligible for financial aid based on the officially declared major as noted in your student record.

Maintain Your Eligibility

Remember that dropping or not attending your courses can negatively impact your eligibility for current and or future aid. Financial Aid offers are based on full time enrollment. Please be sure to check with financial aid and your advisor should your plan include part time or concurrent enrollment.

Communicate and Communicate Often!

It’s important that you discuss your Program of Study with your advisor when you enroll for next semester’s classes. If your current program is not correct, work with your advisor to make the appropriate changes to your major or minor.

Contact your Financial Aid counselor to discuss options if your federal financial aid has been reduced due to enrollment in courses that did not apply towards outstanding requirements in your Course Program of Study.

Students receiving federal financial aid are welcome to take classes which are not required for their Program of Study. However, you will need to pay for those classes out-of-pocket or with aid not offered by UHM Financial Aid Services.

Financial Aid Awards and Disbursement

Financial aid initial awards are based on the assumption that students will enroll in eligible coursework during fall and spring semesters.

If you enroll in courses not applicable towards your degree, It is important to understand that you will still be charged for those courses, but your Financial Aid will be prorated/cancelled based on only the applicable course work.

If you are enrolled in at least 12 credits and all apply to your degree program, you will receive your full award.