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Allan Abril

Allan is a Master’s student with a focus on asceticism in India and America.  Currently he works with the Ramananda Sampradaya, the largest group of monastics in India.  The focus of his research is the intersection between ancient and contemporary forms of asceticism, especially as ascetic schools start finding home in the West.  The focus of his work extends beyond Hindu traditions, he uses the concept of vijñāna as a paradigm for religious harmony that sees the equal validity of various religious paths.  His research therefore centers on pluralistic approaches towards the unity of dual and non-dual religious schools of thought.  Allan would consider his approach to scholarship to be that of a scholar-practitioner, for him the role of practitioner in academia is paramount to the disciplinary study of religion.

Interests:  Vedanta, Asceticism, Ram Bhakti, Vijñāna, Advaita, Mysticism


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