Community Advisory Panel

Many thanks to our "new" Community Advisory Panel (CAP) members: Therese Argoud,  Judy Clark, Robert Hirokawa, Eleanor Huey, Trisha Kajimura, Lisa Kehl, Heather Lusk, Doris Segal Matsunaga, Katie Richards,  Jill Tamashiro, JoAnn Tsark, Betty Wood, Jessica Yamauchi, Deborah Zysman. The Group met in April 2015 to give input on our response to CEPH and to learn more about our BA in Public Health program.

The purpose of the CAP is to help guide our public health programs; provide feedback on our programs’ planned expansion; help us to better link to the public health workforce; help us to review our activities; and provide advice and suggestions. We hope to maintain a CAP membership of 14 people selected from alumni and public health community partners (including practicum preceptors, employers, research partners, and/or interested stakeholders) for a two-year term through a nomination process coordinated by the OPHS practicum advisor with input from OPHS faculty. Members will meet twice a year.