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University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Interim Chancellor David Lassner presented an update for the proposed reorganization of the UH Mānoa administrative offices during a forum in the Art Auditorium on April 23.

A "straw man" proposal for an organizational restructuring of the Mānoa campus

Core Design Team

  • Vice Chancellors & iChancellor
  • VP for Administration
  • College Administrators (2)
  • Faculty SEC Chair

Augmented in Functional Clusters

  • Students (ASUH & GSO)
  • Functional experts
  • Stakeholders

But today is my representation of the work of the Core Design Team

i.e., blame me

Key Objectives

  • Strong and strategic enrollment management: recruitment and retention
  • Deep integration of research and education, including undergraduate (“Academic” is inclusive of education and research)
  • Focused support for both Student Academic Success and Student Growth & Development
  • Clear accountability and responsibility for the academic enterprise
  • No increase in EM leadership positions

Redesign Approach

  • Focus on outcomes we are trying to achieve rather than on existing organizational units and subunits. Organizational structure should reflect our priorities and create the conditions that will stimulate student, faculty, school and college success
  • Be realistic that reporting lines are important, but there is no perfect organizational structure
  • Create cluster titles that reflect desired outcomes
  • Integrate graduate and undergraduate processes wherever possible
  • Provide Provost with singular focus on the success of our students and faculty in education and research
  • Hawaiian Place of Learning is a priority for the entire campus and is directly staffed at the campus CEO level rather than in each cluster

Highlights of What Is Included

  • New Provost position has full authority for academic (education and research) and student support programs
    • Clear unified reporting and budget authority for all academic units, which now have 3 different reporting lines
    • Integration of education and research throughout campus
    • Focus on holistic enrollment management (recruitment and retention) and strategic use of all financial aid
    • Singular focus on the success of our students and faculty in education and research
  • Re-combination of Mānoa Chancellor and UH System President
    • Advances overall campus vision and strategies with direct responsibility for external relations and non-academic programs including athletics
    • Provost at same line and all “tables” with System VPs as an Officer of the UH System
  • New “Cabinet” structures

Highlights of What This is NOT

  • This is not tied to ongoing school / college-level reorganizational proposals such as TIM / Shidler, LLL / A&H / SPAS
  • This is not tied to the establishment of new interdisciplinary institutes that advance research and education in high priority areas (sustainability & resilience, informatics), although it supports the integration of research and education in such institutes and across the campus
  • This is not tied to questions around the future of different kinds of ORUs, R-faculty or the distribution of RTRF
  • This is not the next step in the implementation of the new tuition allocation model for UH Mānoa

Elaboration of Clusters

Global Engagement Support

Advance programs and initiatives that increase the global connectedness and stature of UHM

  • Develop broad campus-wide  strategies for global engagement that position Mānoa as a premier Asia-Pacific research university
  • Infuse global thinking and engagement throughout entire institution
  • Internal and external marketing and support – websites, collateral – including current global agreements, projects and relationships
  • Support for all international agreements, partnerships and activities – service to all schools and colleges
    • need input on specialized agreements: research, academic issues, WASC
  • Protocol support for the entire campus
  • Fulbright program, international scholarship opportunities
  • As needed, logistic support and advice for UH faculty sabbaticals abroad and visiting scholars from abroad
  • New global innovation fund?
  • Coordinate physical presence abroad as needed

Research & Scholarship

Enhance the prominence of UHM as one of the world’s premiere international research universities by fully integrating education and research with a focus on the challenges and opportunities facing Hawaiʻi and the world.

  • Campus RTRF – startup and seed support, matching funds, faculty travel program
  • Ensure campus-wide research opportunity development & pre-award support (budget, data, assistance meeting broader impact requirements in proposals)
  • Limited Submission Opportunities
  • Graduate Student Success (Graduate student advocate & Point-of-Contact, Committee approvals, progress to degree, dissertation and thesis processes, awards)
  • Graduate faculty designations (process needs re-engineering) – mutually supportive through strong links with Faculty Excellence & Success
  • Undergraduate research initiatives (connected to honors / undergrad education)
  • iLab
  • Research outreach to community
  • Laboratory, Research & Atmospheric Safety (EHSO) – mutually supportive through strong links with facilities mgmt and deans/directors

Faculty Excellence and Success

Recruit, retain and support a diverse world-class university faculty with excellence in teaching, research and service

  • Faculty hiring and onboarding; spousal hires
  • Faculty life (housing, childcare, maternity/paternity, networking)
  • Mānoa Faculty FAQs
  • Department Chair Development & Support
  • Faculty and TA professional development – teaching, engaged learning, active pedagogies, research – including mentoring
  • Tenure & Promotion; Periodic Review
  • Review of workload policies and practices
  • Faculty grievances related to Collective Bargaining (UHPA)
  • Institutional memberships and engagements around faculty support (e.g., National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity)
  • Support for active pedagogies and engaged learning

Enrollment Management: Undergraduate & Graduate

Attract, enroll and help retain a diverse and thriving community of learners from Hawaiʻi and the world

  • Marketing (including international) & recruitment materials – including web sites
  • Recruiting including through engagement with schools and colleges, alumni programs
  • Admissions including Early College
  • Increasing incoming transfers from Hawaiʻi and beyond
  • Overall Financial Aid & Scholarship responsibility for recruitment and retention
  • Student records
  • Graduate Student Enrollment Management Functions – as above with colleges
  • Recruitment and yield analytics
  • Onboarding – New student orientation to campus resources including what it means to thrive in Hawaiʻi in partnership with student academic success and entire campus including recruiters & admissions

Integrates deeply with Retention through Strategic Enrollment Management Working Group

Student Academic Success

Ensure the academic success of all students from entry through timely graduation

  • Advising – Re-engineer current processes. Execute whatever portion of advising is centralized, e.g. undeclared majors, and provide consistent advising policies / procedures / handbook for whatever is decentralized
  • Athletic academic advising & support
  • Student Success Center – Reengineer / Rationalize / Communicate learning assistance services: LAC, Tutoring & Peer Tutoring; OLA, Writing Center, School / College / Dept. services — as part of Student Success Center initiative
  • Retention Leadership and Initiatives including input on scholarships
  • High DFW (unsuccessful course) initiative
  • Early monitoring and warning
  • Course scheduling and registration
  • Student success systems (STAR, early warning)
  • Peer mentoring: Graduate / Undergraduate, “Hanai” program
  • Graduation
  • Alumni Outcomes / Post-graduation Success (with alumni relations, colleges and more…)

Subcluster: High Impact Undergraduate Practices

Targeted activities and programs that support retention and academic excellence

  • First & Second Year Programs / Learning Communities
  • Honors
  • Interdisciplinary studies
  • Programs that enable students to spend time away from campus – one intake and support mechanism for UHM students to study nationally or internationally
  • Service Learning
  • Development of senior capstone course requirement
  • ROTC

Student Growth & Development

Ensure the holistic development of all students via exceptional co-curricular and wellness services

  • Career services (general), coordinating with colleges for specifics
  • Counseling
  • Health Center & Mental Health Services
  • Campus Center / Warrior Recreation Center
  • Co-curricular activities, Intramurals, CSOs, RIO
  • Student Conduct (judicial affairs)
  • Residential Life (student housing facilities move to facilities)

Subcluster: Student Equity, Excellence & Diversity

Ensuring inclusion and success for all (students)

  • Disability services
  • Multicultural Student Services
  • TRIO / SSS
  • Veterans Services
  • HS Outreach & Bridge Programs for under-represented students: centralized programs like COP & GearUP and support for decentralized bridge programs

Academic Program Innovation & Excellence

Ensure a portfolio of high-quality, inspiring and responsive undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for lifetime success

  • Institutional Learning Objectives – Undergraduate & Graduate
  • Gen Ed
  • Campus Accreditation
  • Assessment
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Program Review
  • Curricular design and approvals
  • Strategies, policies and practices for innovative program portfolio management
  • Campus strategy for distance and online learning
  • Responsive credentials: micro-credentials (badges), certificates

Campuswide Programs Reporting to Chancellor/President

  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Comprehensive Campus Analytics
  • Campus Finance / Administration/Services
  • “Hawaiian Place of Learning”
  • Campus Climate (work-in-progress)
    • Title IX
    • Gender equity / Women’s Center / LGBTQ+ programs
    • Civil Rights
    • Confidential Advisors / Respondent Advocate
    • Ombuds
    • Campus climate initiatives (prevention)

TO DO: How do we professionalize investigations and fact finding across areas?

Cabinets – Conceptual

  • President’s Cabinet – President, UHM Provost, 4yr Chancellors, System VPs (weekly)
  • Mānoa Cabinet – Chancellor, Provost, Vice Provosts,  Campus Finance Officer, VP for Administration (weekly)
  • Deans Council – Provost Convenes with Academic Deans & Directors (e.g., bi-weekly)
  • Mānoa Leadership Team – Mānoa Cabinet + Deans Council + UHF, Athletics, ASUH, GSO, UHMFS, Kualiʻi…  (e.g., twice a semester)

Integrative Teams

  • Strategic Enrollment Management Team
  • Campus Climate
  • “Hawaiian Place of Learning”
  • International Strategy
  • Deep integration of research and education, including undergraduate

Parking Lot

  • Visa processing & sponsor compliance for faculty / staff – HR or Faculty Excellence and Success or Global Engagement
  • Care of international students
  • Post-Doctoral Program – How do we formally recognize/appoint them (multiple ways), how do we connect them as an integral part of the campus (need to sort these out)
  • “Social Compact” between faculty and students / faculty & student expectations; What we can do to live aloha at Mānoa
  • Community engagement
  • Concept of a senior executive for Native Hawaiian Affairs

Next Steps

  • Address “Parking Lot” considerations – implement or defer for now
  • Continue to listen and adjust – iterate, iterate, iterate
  • Proceed over the fall in accord with applicable policies and procedures

“We agree that some reorganization is needed. Now if we can come to agreement on what that looks like!”

Christine Sorensen, Chair, UH Mānoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee
Testimony to UH Board of Regents, November 16, 2017

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