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Certificates: Authorization to Plan

Certificates: Authorization to Plan (ATP)

Academic Certificate Programs are a designated set of courses designed to complement a degree program by fostering the development of skills and knowledge in a focused area of study. The President of UHM has the authority to approve certificate programs unless they require new resources in which case the Board of Regents must approve. The first step in creating a certificate program is to consult with OVPAE and then complete the Authorization to Plan (ATP). This brief planning document summarizes the overall purpose and structure of the certificate, and ensures that the necessary consultation between faculty, deans, and administration has taken place. Once the ATP is submitted by the Dean using the appropriate memo template, OVPAE will manage the remainder of the review and approval process. Please be mindful of the various deadlines that may impact the review, approval, and implementation process.


Step 1: Unit Consults with OVPAE

Dean and Chair arrange meeting the VPAE and Director of Program Development and Review to discuss planned proposal. Upon successful consultation, email the Authorization to Plan (ATP) document as well as the completed memo created using the memo template to
OVPAE will manage the remainder of the review and approval process.

Step 2: OVPAE Reviews (including Grad Division Review)

The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Excellence will evaluate the proposal for content and format. For graduate programs, OVPAE will send the proposal to Graduate Division to manage the review process. Graduate Division will send back approved proposals to OVPAE for review and approval.

Step 3: Provost Reviews & Approves

The Provost will evaluate the proposed action and determine if it fits within the institution’s goals and mission. Upon successful review, the Provost will approve the proposal and return to OVPAE for distribution.