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Certain funding organizations limit the number of proposals that UH Mānoa can submit for a particular extramural research opportunity.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research oversees the internal selection process to identify the strongest candidates for these limited submission opportunities.

The OVCR is responsible for coordinating the timely review of internal candidates and for notifying all applicants of the outcomes. Applicants will be asked to submit pre-proposal information to assist in the selection process.

The OVCR monitors the recurring funding opportunities that limit the number of applications per application cycle. The below list is provided as a service to PIs but is not comprehensive; if you are aware of an upcoming opportunity that limits the number of applicants but is not listed, please notify the OVCR by emailing

Disclaimer on LSO approvals

The VCR or AVCR may approve certain LSO requests on a first-come-first serve basis where circumstances prevent an internal competition from being held, such as, but not limited to less than 20 working days to the agency submission deadline, or a LSO with very specific requirements on eligibility where they may be only one candidate. Proposals received by the OVCR for unannounced LSO’s after UHM has reached its maximum number of submissions will be rejected and cannot be submitted.

Closed Opportunities

UH Internal Deadline Opportunity Name Sponsor Agency No.
January 10, 2018 National Science Foundation EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Track 4: EPSCoR Research Fellows (NSF 18-526) NSF NSF 18-526
January 5, 2018 2018 MOORE Inventor Fellows Program Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
November 13, 2017 National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) Program (NSF 18-507) NSF NSF 18-507
November 3, 2017 EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program: Track-2 Focused EPSCoR Collaborations (RII Track-2 FEC) (NSF 18-502): Genomes to Phenomes NSF NSF 18-502
October 13, 2017 Inclusion Across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science (NSF INCLUDES) Coordination Hub NSF NSF 17-591
October 9, 2017 2017 Simons Foundation – Investigators in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems (MMLS) Simons Foundation
October 6, 2017 2018 NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI): Instrument Acquisition or Development NSF NSF 15-504
October 2, 2017 2018 Simons Foundation – Investigators in Mathematics, Physics, Astrophysics and Theoretical Computer Science (MPATCS) Simons Foundation
September 29, 2017 CISE (Computer and Information Science and Engineering) Research Infrastructure (CRI) NSF NSF 17-581
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