Please contact your department’s HR Specialist or Administrative Officer if you have any questions concerning your pay check.  The UH Payroll Office will not release any payroll information due to security issues; only through the authorized department representative.

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What is My Payroll Number? (link to payroll)

2018 Pay Schedule

Non-Wage Payments Taxability

  • Certain payments made directly to you are considered to be taxable income and are added onto your paycheck as “wages-in-kind” in order to deduct the applicable federal and state taxes.
  • The IRS requires us to withhold taxes on these payments because these payments are considered taxable income included in your annual form W-2.
  • Common examples are travel per diem, mileage reimbursement, cash awards, allowances, and certain spouse/domestic partner tuition waivers.

W-2 Forms

  • Forms are distributed on January 31 each year, in the same manner that paychecks are distributed.
  • Contact your HR Specialist or Administrative Officer if you have not received your W-2 or require a duplicate copy.

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