Executive and Managerial Evaluation

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Executives and Managers (EM) are responsible for providing effective academic and administrative leadership for the University of Hawaiʻi. It is through the expertise, initiative, and creativity of these individuals that the overall missions, visions and goals of the University are achieved. Executives and Managerial employees should be evaluated in a fair and consistent manner so that they are recognized for making decisions that ensure the viability of the University.

Pursuant to Board of Regents Policies, RP9.212 Executive and Managerial Personnel Policies, “EM employees are expected to perform their duties and responsibilities in a manner that achieves the highest standards of quality and professionalism. To that end, evaluations are a critical component of the continued employment, professional development, and compensation of all EM employees. The assigned responsibilities, performance, and accomplishments of each appointee to an EM position shall be evaluated annually. The evaluation shall be consistent with criteria and procedures established by the President and the Appointing Authority, including specific metrics aligned to the University’s strategic goals. The review shall also include identification of specific goals to be accomplished in the coming year.”