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Established-Status Request

Per Executive Policy E5.201

All academic programs (degree and certificate programs) are provisional for the first cycle of operation. The length of the cycle is determined by the length of time a typical student would take to complete the program.

Minimum Cycles for Provisional Programs
Bachelor’s Degree = 6 Years
Master’s Degree = 3 Years
PhD = 5 years
*A one-year extension may be granted upon request.

Once a provisional program has completed its first cycle and has undergone program review, the unit may request established status. The Board of Regents (BOR) establishes degree programs, and the Chancellor establishes certificate programs.

Approval Process for Degree Programs

Established Status

Approval Process for Certificate Programs

Established Status

Executive Policy E5.201 mandates that no tenure appointments or tenure commitments shall be made in new programs until the Board of Regents has granted established status. New programs are usually housed in departments with long-standing established programs. For this reason, tenure appointments and tenure commitments are typically not affected by the provisional status of a degree program.

Required Documents

1) Established-Status Proposal
The proposal for Established Status responds to the questions in Appendix D of Executive Policy E5.201. Successful requests for established status typically include the following.

  • Evidence of ongoing program assessment and the use of assessment data to improve the program.
  • Evidence of a healthy student population in terms of enrollment, time-to-degree, and employment of graduates.

2) Provisional Program Resource Template
The Provisional Program Resource Template examines the instructional cost of a degree program within the framework of a departmental budget. The resource template is reviewed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance and Operations and the Board of Regents.

3) Request for an Extension (Approval Memo Template)