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Course Actions

Online Course Approval Process Pilot. We are in the process of testing an online system to replace the paper-based (UHM form) course approval process. Units in the pilot include the College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature, the College of Education, the School of Law, and the School of Travel Industry Management. If you are interested in joining the pilot, please contact for more information.

Current Course Approval Process

Requests to add new courses, modify existing courses, or delete existing courses are transmitted by using the UHM-1 (add) or UHM-2 (modify or delete) forms. The course approval process at Mānoa includes the following:

Approval Process
  • Departmental review which assures course coherence, pedagogy, content, learning outcomes, and quality.
  • Review and approval by appropriate unit's program and curriculum committee and dean.
  • Review and approval by Graduate Education (for graduate courses only).
  • Review and approval by the General Education Committee or Foundations Board for courses seeking Diversification, Foundations, and/or Hawaiian/Second Language designations.
  • Review and approval by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Please refer to the “Guidelines for Submitting UHM-1 & UHM-2 forms” for more information.

“Guidelines for Course Proposals Submitted to Graduate Education” should also be followed for graduate level courses.

The General Education webpage should be consulted for further information regarding Diversification, Foundations, Hawaiian/Second Language, and Focus courses.

Deadlines: Check with each individual College/School academic services office and other appropriate offices regarding their deadlines as each may have its own.

Effective Term General Education Deadline* Graduate Education Deadline* OVCAA Deadline
Summer & Fall October 15 October 15 December 1
Spring March 15 March 15 May 15

*Please consult the General Education Office and Graduate Education for exact deadlines. All UHM forms must be received by the OVCAA with all required signatures by the above deadline.

Note: If a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, forms are due by the last working day before the weekend or holiday.

All forms are subject to the same deadlines, regardless of the status of the requested course (regular, experimental, single-term offering).