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Authorization to Plan

Per Executive Policy E5.201

The Authorization to Plan (ATP) is a document used to request permission to plan a new academic program. The request is to be made at the beginning of the planning process before considerable effort and resources are committed.

The purposes of the ATP are:

  • To gain permission to plan, and to provide support for new program planning.
  • To notify dean(s) and faculty members of relevant units, the administration, and the UH System of new programs under consideration, thereby providing an opportunity for coordination, articulation, and appropriate preliminary feedback.
  • To inform the campus, the UH System, and the Board of Regents of the long-term academic planning intentions and physical facility requirements of proposed programs.

Approval Process

Authorization to Plan

  • Departmental review to ensure faculty support.
  • Review by appropriate unit's dean.
  • Review by Graduate Education (for graduate programs only).
  • Review by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA). The OVCAA coordinates the final review process. Prior to recommending approval to the Chancellor, the OVCAA will transmit the proposal for review to the Assessment Office, and for consultation, to the UH System's Council of Chief Academic Officers (CCAO).
  • After successful review by the OVCAA, Graduate Education (as appropriate), and CCAO (for consultation), the ATP is submitted to the Chancellor for approval.
  • A copy of the signed ATP is provided to the college, the Mānoa Faculty Senate, the UH System Executive Vice President and Provost, and to the Board of Regents.

Upon approval of the Authorization to Plan, programs have one year to prepare and submit a degree proposal for the approval of the new academic program. For more information, call 956-7486.