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Programs & Initiatives

Leadership Conference

This conference is held at the beginning of the academic year and is aimed to provide leadership training for all faculty in a leadership role. The conference offers a variety of concurrent sessions to help UH Manoa leaders prepare for their role within the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In addition, the conference provides an opportunity to meet with colleagues from other Schools and Colleges.

Leadership Matters for Department Chairs and Program Directors

This series provides Department Chairs and Program Directors with a wealth of information to help manage their academic department. The goal of the series is to provide the access to information and institutional resources that allow for Chairs and Directors to succeed in their important positions. Each session covers a topic important for the management of the Department. We also provide an important space for Department Chairs and Program Directors to network and discuss common issues with each other.

New Deans/Directors Workshop Series

This workshop series affirms the commitment to our Mānoa leaders (Deans/Directors, Associate Dean/Directors) in providing guidance and support to enable them to lead their Colleges to the level it richly deserves.

This workshop series will provide our leaders with the knowledge and skills to assist them in reaching and accomplishing their College vision, mission and goals. It will also ensure that our students receive quality levels of higher education in Hawai‘i, as well as provide our faculty and staff with a fulfilling work experience.

During the workshops, participates will learn about the many facets and dynamics of the major elements at UH Mānoa. Participates will engage in discussions about the inner workings throughout Mānoa campus, as well as an opportunity to share insights as to how to reach for excellence on our campus. It will also provide valuable networking with other deans/directors in their journey as a leader and visionary of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa!

Inquiries: Michele Tom, Executive Search Coordinator,, 956-9396.

Academic Leaders Mentorship Program

In collaboration with the Campus Climate Office, we provide a mentor/mentee program that identifies and supports future female faculty leaders within the University of Hawaii at Mānoa campus. Newer faculty are paired with women in academic leadership positions to foster a community of women leaders at Mānoa. Please contact the Office of Campus Climate in you are interested in participating in this mentorship program.

Training Opportunities

OVCAA conducts various training workshops that may be of interest to Executives, Faculty members, and Human Resource Representatives. If you're interested in the different types of workshops we have available, please go to the "Systems/Training" tab on the Academic Personnel website and sign in using your respective UH username and password.

If you would like to request specific training for your unit (i.e. DiSC Assessment, Workplace Nonviolence, Search Process, etc…) please contact our office directly