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Laura E. Lyons

Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Determines priorities and strategies to develop and improve quality academic programs and support faculty development and advises the Provost on academic personnel and programming matters.  

(808) 956-5971 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209L

Ronald Cambra

Assistant Vice Chancellor
 for Undergraduate Education

Oversees student graduation and retention strategies, campus wide academic advising, general education, first and second year campus wide programs, STAR Technology, Honors, ROTC, Interdisciplinary Studies, Civic Engagement, Student Success Center, Student Learning Center and academic support services.

(808) 956-6231 | (808) 956-2191
QLC 213

Beverly A. McCreary

Assistant Vice Chancellor
 for Academic Personnel

Oversees Academic Personnel which develops innovative programs and resources to support the faculty career cycle.

(808) 956-9429 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209C

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Robyn Okumura

Executive Assistant to the Provost and Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Provides administrative support to the Provost and AVCAA, managing daily office operations and supporting activities and initiatives across all aspects of academics, research, student success, enrollment management, service, extension and outreach.

(808) 956-8447 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209

Deena Yamamoto

Institutional Support
 for Academic Personnel

Assists and develops training, coordinates matters related to the faculty career cycle  

(808) 956-4571 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209

Teresa Kono

Program Officer

Conducts training and provides guidance on matters related to Labor Relations (i.e. Complaints, Grievances) involving the faculty work cycle and the UHPA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

(808) 956-6072 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209G

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Cynthia Tang

Admin and Fiscal
  Support Specialist

 Assists the Senior Advisor to the Provost, Director of Program Development and Review, and the Fiscal Specialist

(808) 956-7486 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209

April Nozomi Goodwin

Director of Program Development and Review

Oversees academic program approval, modification, review, and policy; articulation and educational agreements; professional accreditation; tuition and fees, and P-20 Initiatives.

(808) 956-4568 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209E

Michele H. Tom

Executive Search Coordinator

Conducts Executive level (deans and above) searches and development/coaching programs for the MÄnoa campus. Serves as a HR resource for MÄnoa campus when necessary.

(808) 956-9396 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209B

Jenine Isawa

Fiscal Specialist

Responsible for budgeting and financial operations for all units reporting to the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of the Provost.

(808) 956-0257 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209F

Linda Voong

Human Resources Specialist

Develops training and program initiatives focusing on the faculty work-life cycle. Provides guidance on matters related to Academic Personnel.

(808) 956-0291 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209

Lori Furoyama

Educational Specialist

Oversees and manages commencement; assists with coordination of course actions, program reviews, and professional accreditation; and collaborates with Academic Personnel on matters related to faculty work-life cycle.

(808) 956-3889 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209

Craig Spurrier

IT Specialist

Manages OVCAA IT infrastructure including the website and custom web applications

(808) 956-7133 | (808) 956-7115
Hawaiʻi Hall 209