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5.514 – 5.518: Credit Policies

Graduate Division Credit Policies


These policies cover the transfer of credits, credit by exam, excess credits and double-counting of credits. Approval is largely at the discretion of Graduate Division and graduate programs.

Course Applicability (5.514)

Credits for certain types of courses may or may not be used toward graduate degrees. Approval is at the discretion of Graduate Division and graduate programs.

Transfer and PBU Credits (5.515)

The acceptance of transfer and PBU credits varies by degree. A specified number of transfer and PBU credits may be applied toward master’s degrees, however, acceptance of such credits are not applicable toward doctoral degrees. PBU credits may be applicable toward graduate certificates.

Credit by Examination (5.516)

Graduate students may earn credit by examination only for undergraduate courses required by their degree programs.

Undergraduate Excess Credit (5.517)

Undergraduate seniors at UHM may take upper division or graduate-level courses in excess of their bachelor’s degree requirements to be counted toward a master’s degree.

Double-Counting Credits (5.518)

A specified number of credits earned toward two degrees may be counted toward both degrees. Approval from Graduate Division and the graduate program are required.