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5.504 – 5.508: Graduate Registration and Enrollment

Responsible Entity: Graduate Division

Registration and Enrollment


All graduate students must be enrolled in each academic term, excluding Summer session, unless on an approved Leave of Absence. Course loads may be at either full-time and part-time, unless otherwise specified by one’s graduate program. Domestic and international students have different minimal enrollment requirements.

Leave of Absence (5.507)

An approved leave of absence allows a student to maintain their student status while not being enrolled. During a leave of absence the student would not enroll in courses, pay tuition or fees, consult with faculty or use university facilities and services.

Course Loads and Full-Time Definition (5.508)

Full-time status for graduate students is designated as 8 credits in degree-related courses during the academic year. There are situations in which full-time status is less than 8 credits.